Contact information
Mike Lubell
1366 Thrasher  DR

Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Selection Antique Brass, some over 100 years old are available as well as Custom, Jeweled, Sterling and stainless buckles. Call for availability.
Carved Logo's, Initials, Pictures can also be put on the belts.
Please call or email for a quote.

We also make counter top display pads for retail stores with logo's.
Belt Styles
Back belts are fully lined with 5 oz suede to minimize movement when riding. Belts are 10-12 oz Wicket & Craig Environmentally tanned skirting leather. Tanned in the USA from US hides.
Most Popular Border Stamps. We also have one of a kind unique border stamps
Holsters, Belts  & Tooling 
Some Holster Styles