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You can pick uour color style and stamping in the notes or call me to discuss what you would like.

1873 tooled butt stock cover for Joel Diaz
Model 1866 or '73 Tooled Stock & Butt Cover
To round out the set a butt stock cover for his 1866 Yellowboy
Rifle Holster mounted to back billet of the saddle.
Dyed and tooled to match customers saddles.
Shotgun and Rifle Holsters for mounting to rear billet of your saddle.
Chocolate Latigo Scabbard, suede lined for Tommy Allen
Matching Stock cover. Keeps rifle clean and out of harms way when traveling. Unbuckle cover and scabbard attaches to saddle.
Made for David Williams for his 1873 Winchester.  Copper rivets
Fully suede lined. 12 OZ Wickett & Craig skirting leather, Initials or logo.
Reversible Fringed Texas Star
Shotgun or rifle stock cover .  Starting at $60.00
This one made from soft Elk tanned cow with 10 oz skirting leather butt plate cover. Many other leathers available.
Full skirting leather  cover can be tooled with you initials or brand or to match your saddle tooling. Hand laced with. Shipped fully laced. You just have to slip it on your stock and tighten the lacing and tie the end off

Rifle Scabbards

Special custom designed holsters and scabbards for any type rifle.
This one made for left side of a McClellan saddle for a Spencer Carbine.
Buckles to Girth ring and to Pommel Ring.
Rifle and Shotgun holsters designed to mount on saddle right or left back billet.Top belt folds over billet and buckles to holster. Rifle can be inserted stock forward or backward. Wickett & Craig 12 oz skirting with rawhide panel sandwiched between skirting & 5 oz suede liner to hold shape. $200.00 with border stamping.
Full tooling additional $15.00
Universal shotgun holster will mount front or rear, left or right side.

Contact information
Mike Lubell
1366 Thrasher  Dr
Punts Gorda, FL 33950

Combination Rifle/Shotgun holster models. Rear billet or universal mount.

Holds either your Lever, Revolving or Pump rifle or a .410 to 12 gauge double barreled coach or hammerless shotgun.

Back Billet model and Universal model. $200 with border stamp  and initial. 

Universal Single purpose Shotgun or Rifle Holster for front or rear or mounting to your saddle.
Shotgun or Rifle butt forward or back. Left or Right side mounting.
Made from USA Wickett & Craig environmentally tanned 12 oz Skirting leather.
Full rawhide liner sandwiched between leather and Suede inner lining keeps the shape of the holster.
Jeremiah Watt Stainless buckles on billet's. Three to Four inches of adjustment allows you to place holster in optimal position to pull the rifle or shotgun. Can be fitted under your front concha by Latigo string or by screwing through holster with screw type concha. Bottom billet strap fits through girth ring. Will fit .410 to 8 gauge double barrel shotguns or any Rifle approved by CMSA, MSA, CSA, lever, pump or revolving.
Price $200.00
Rifle & Shotgun

Manta Leather is proud to announce we sponsored the  CMSA 2016 World Rifle and Shotgun classes and made the awards. 

Antiqued finish for Winchester 94 Trapper

Standard Scabbard, three straps will fit all models 1866, 1873, 1886, 1892, 1894  Revolving Rifle & Pump
Model 1892 3 piece set. Stock & Butt, Lever , Forearm
Model 1866 or '73 Full Stock Cover, Lever Cover & Round Scabbard