2017 AQHA World Winners All use Manta's best Shooting Reins

Medicine Bag with hidden holster for .32 automatic

The best Mounted Shooting and Barrel Reins. 9/10 OZ Latigo 5 plait, 80" or 96" lengths, black or burgundy. Adjustable into the Braid. All Stainless Hardware. 1 swivel and 1 flat snap keeps reins without twisting.

80" - $65.00, 96" - $75.00, 108" - $85.00

Includes shipping in USA.

Eagle Beak, Monkey nose, Sheepskin lined or unlined.

Full length 24" taps. Tooled or plain

Roping, Pulling, or any style. Lined with sheepskin, leather  or latigo


Saddle Accessories

Bronc Halters


Misty's bridle and tie down

​Tie down fully lined with soft leather. Chicago screws for conchas hidden under lining, no rubbing hair off.

10 Oz Skirting Leather, fully lined with 8 OZ brown Latigo .

Stainless Conchas and Bit hangers by Jeremiah Watt

Many Styles of bridle available

One and two ear, browband and noseband, Vaquero, Old cowboy or any design you want. let me know what your ideas.

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Bring me your tired your worn and weary saddles, bridles, handbags or for that matter anything else for repair and refurbishing.

Saddle & Leather Repair

Special bridle and breast collar made with coins and traditional fabric inserts from customers home country

Saddle Pockets
Breast Collars

Bronc halters can be made with Rope, Nylon or Leather base halters. Fully lined with Latigo.


Black or Burgundy

These are 12" saddle pockets with 4" latigo gussets.

Also 9" pockets and pommel and medicine bags.